Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Smells Good...But You Can't Smell Texture.

We had lasagna for dinner. Aspie wouldn’t eat. His cold is heightening his sensory issues. His response: It smells good…but you can’t smell texture.

He is hungry, but his fear of texture is overwhelming right now. So, he prances around the kitchen tapping his fingers on every surface available while stressing and whining about his rumbling tummy. This is life with a teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome.

His sensory issues are directly linked to his stress level. Thanksgiving break = high stress level. A common cold= high stress level. (We get to experience both in one week!) The higher the stress level, the more intense the sensory issues. As a teenager, he takes care of most of his issues himself. He handles his own showers and prevents his wet hair from dripping on his dry clothes. He turns his socks inside out-they’re softer that way. He doesn’t shave. He uses only one brand of scent-free deodorant. Food is where the rest of the family becomes ultra-aware of his sensory quirks.

Lasagna has the wrong texture. Spaghetti sauce should be run through a blender to remove unappealing lumps. Spices and seasonings are taboo. No onions, parsley flakes, or bits of vegetables (tomato, mushroom, green pepper). No mixed foods (no soup, stew, chicken and noodles, casseroles, etc.).

In a bit of Aspie irony, everything must be swimming in condiments. Anything spicy will do, but his faves are mustard, honey mustard, and BBQ sauce. He goes through about a bottle a week, of each. He survives on peanut butter, bread, and chicken patties.

He started a new medicine last month and it increased his appetite to Herculean proportions. He is gaining weight at an alarming rate now and I find myself policing his food consumption 24/7.  Maybe I can find a way to texturize mustard and BBQ sauce.       

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