Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Give the Girl a Hand

The thing about family disasters is that you never have to wait long before the next one puts the previous one into perspective.  ~Robert Brault

Yes, that is a sweet waterproof, fiberglass cast that has comically immobilized Skiffy's hand in the 'thumbs up' position. The orthopedic hand specialist thinks she fractured the growth plate and may have also fractured a small bone in the anatomical snuffbox. 

Yes, I said snuffbox. No, I had never heard of it either. Yes, I have considered wrapping her in bubble wrap.     

How, you wonder? Roughhousing with a boy, of course. 

The ortho visit was very interesting. 
"Is she under treatment for any other medical condition?"
- "Yes, a SCFE."
"OH MY! Who is treating that?"
- "Dr. X."
"Oh. Wow. Stable?"
- "No, severe, unstable, pinned, 2 pins, August."
"(Gasp) She's WALKING!"
- "Yes, (beaming) she will be released from physical therapy this week."

"Skiffy, what kind of activities do you do?"
- "(hateful) Nothing!" me- "She walks. She is weight-bearing. That's it. No sports, no fall risk, no ROUGHHOUSING. Just walking."

Two days later, I found her in the back yard playing 4-square with a playground ball. I arrived just in time to see the ball bounce into her casted hand, right on the thumb. "Ooooowww!" Yeah, ya think?