Monday, December 13, 2010

The Disturbing Dilemma of an Anxious Aspie

Meal time has brought up a new and disturbing challenge for my environmentally-conscious Aspie. He must decide what to prepare his food on- paper plates, or real ones. Paper plates waste perfectly good trees and fill up landfills. Real plates require clean up which wastes water and energy.

Q: What is a good tree-hugging Aspie to do?
A: Reduce the size of the paper plates!

That's right. He cuts paper plates into halves, or thirds, or fourths- whatever size does the job- and saves the remaining piece(s) for the next meal. I now have a stack of cut up paper plates on the kitchen island. (colossal eye roll)

On a more sense-itive note-
I have always had a wee little bit of worry about Rough Stuff. She has 'Aspie traits'. I would never say would not say at this time, that she actually has Asperger's Syndrome, but she has some telltale traits that hint at an Asperger-like persona. So, I was not surprised one evening at dinner when she and Aspie had a very serious conversation about the taste of the pickles on the buffet. According to this sensory enlightened pair, the pickles tasted like old cars. Not new cars, nope, really old cars. I was intrigued. What, I asked, do old cars taste like and why would they know? (I would not be surprised if Rough Stuff had actually tasted an old car, or several.) They explained that the pickles tasted the way old cars smell like they would taste.

Alrighty then.   

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